Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lessons from Dr. William Glasser

Dr. William Glasser is an internationally recognized psychiastrist who identified five innate needs we all have: 1) survival, 2) love/belonging, 3) power, 4) freedom/choice, and 5) fun that drive the behavior we choose. He has applied his theories to educational settings. One of his most well known successes where he applied his theories is with delinquent girls at the Ventura School in California. There are now a number of mainstream schools that have made a commitment to apply his theories in order to become a quality school.

The following books Dr. Glasser has authored are great resources that everyone who wants to make a difference for Hispanic learners will want to read:
  • Choice Theory in the Classroom
  • Schools Without Failure
  • The Quality School
  • The Quality School Teacher
  • Every Student Can Succeed

For more information visit the website:

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  1. Received the following email from Frank Dunn from the Glasser Institute on 9-16-10:
    Read your blog this morning and was impressed with the underlying theme of caring and relating to students as a primary focus. This, of course, is speaking to meeting students needs, specifically the love-belonging need and at the same time meeting the other needs which is at the heart of Dr. Glasser's teachings.