Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being True to One's Core

For educators who truly want to make a difference it is critical that he or she act from one's own core rather than external mandates. To know one's core I would suggest that each educator buy a journal and then take the necessary time to answer the following questions:
  • Why did I become an educator?
  • What do I stand for as an educator?
  • What do I think is important in education?
  • What are the gifts that I bring to my work?
  • What do I want my legacy as an educator to be?
  • What can I do to remember my own heart?
  • What do I value most?
  • What do my strong interests and passions tell me about my purpose in life?
  • What opinions do I have about education that I passionately care about?
  • What is my vision of a quality school? What would I specifically be doing in such a school?
  • What behaviors would I never engage in if I were in a quality school?
  • What kinds of things would I say to all the different stakeholders in a quality school?

Ideas for these questions came from the book Inspiriting Quality in Your School by Robert A. Sullo and Failure Is Not An Option by Alan Blankstein.

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    Thanks so much for the work you do!