Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Thoughts on Discipline

Too often we continue to use a response to undersirable behavior that isn't working. For instance, some things that probably aren't producing desired behavior are suspensions for a specified number of tardies or a payment of $5 for being out of uniform a specified number of times or changing one's color card for a rule infraction. Brian Mendler, a national behavior mangagement expert, suggests a different approach.

He suggests that if we value something, we can grade it. For example, if you value students being on time then give each student an A who is on time--seated and ready to work. Ten A's in a row equals a 100% quiz grade. This idea could be applied to anything else you might value such as observing the dress code or being courteous. In other words, you are noticing the behavior you do want. As Brian mentions this might also be a way for a student who struggles in class to get an A for once.

To receive Brian's monthly newletter or arrange for him to do a presentation contact jon.crabbe@disciplineassociates.com at the Teacher Learning Center. Brian also authored the book Taming of the Crew which I highly recommend.

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