Friday, October 1, 2010

Avoiding Teacher Burnout

A sure way method to avoid teacher burnout is hard work. Working hard can be energizing IF the work is helping to fulfill one's higher calling or commitment. When teachers are working together as a team and experiencing success they are willing to do whatever is required even if it means teaching Saturday morning classes and/or doing before or after school tutoring--even when there are no funds to pay them!

So what needs to be done?
  • Teachers need to view their work as a calling.
  • Teachers need to align themselves with a school that has a compelling vision/mission that matches their personal vision/mission.
  • Teachers need to have opportunities to collaborate and to work as a team to achieve the vision/mission.
  • Teachers and their students need to have successes they can celebrate because success breeds success.

Teachers who are able to meet these four criteria will be better able to confront those external factors that result in burnout because of the stress they cause.

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